Active Chemistry

Module Developer and Trainer

Under Dr. Myrna Estrada (DOST Balik Scientist, University of Southern California), I developed two chemistry modules for use by Department of Education teachers using active learning techniques in chemistry for primary and secondary science.

The modules (“Doing Experiments in the Kitchen” and “Exploring Chemical Reactions with Balloons”) were designed and crafted as a response to the remote learning circumstances brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The modules utilized active learning techniques that allowed students to conduct safe chemistry experiments at home. Aside from technical content, I also provided the illustrations that the modules used.

With the team, I trained the Department of Education teachers over Zoom on how to use the modules as well as how to implement active learning techniques despite delivering instruction remotely.

Le Dolino
Le Dolino
Co-Chair of the AI, Digital Learning & Digital Transformation Working Group, UNESCO SDG4 Youth & Student Network

My research interests include the history, philosophy, and social studies of science education, and actual science education practice.