Learning Analytics

For Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus

Due to the sudden surge of available student learning data as a consequence of online learning, I developed several learning analytics workflows in order to generate educational insight from student data. All my projects were done using R language.

Thee main learning analytics were: (1) the generation of year-end “Spotify Wrapped”-type documents (pictured) where student Moodle activity were processed and converted into personalized and actionable reports; (2) the construction of a Shiny-based web application for the easy checking and monitoring of student progress in a course, and (3) the construction of network graphs to visualize student interactions, identify isolated students, and plan interventions.

Le Dolino
Le Dolino
Co-Chair of the AI, Digital Learning & Digital Transformation Working Group, UNESCO SDG4 Youth & Student Network

My research interests include the history, philosophy, and social studies of science education, and actual science education practice.