Pisay Level Up

Learning Designer

As part of Pisay Level Up, a national project developing interactive educational videos to improve the implementation of blended learning, I and two other PSHS teachers Athenes Joy Aban and Fiona Paredes developed three organic chemistry videos for Grade 11 students (age 16-17). This project was in collaboration with the University of the Philippines Open University which assisted with crafting the videos. The videos are currently for use within the Philippine Science High School system, and to be shared to the Department of Education.

I developed the scripts for all three videos, while I also oversaw the full development of The Language of Organic Chemistry video. The videos are the following:

  1. The Language of Organic Chemistry
  2. Competing Reactions in Halogenoalkanes
  3. Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives
Le Dolino
Le Dolino
Co-Chair of the AI, Digital Learning & Digital Transformation Working Group, UNESCO SDG4 Youth & Student Network

My research interests include the history, philosophy, and social studies of science education, and actual science education practice.