Reimagining Pisay

Teacher Designer

As part of the campus team of Reimagining Pisay, I conducted interviews and focus groups with students, parents and staff to generate insights in order to propose a post-pandemic PSHS curriculum. This was part of a national project in partnership with Habi Education Labs that used design thinking to identify strengths and areas of improvement of the abrupt change to online learning due to the pandemic.

The insights generated from thematic analysis were presented to both campus and national levels, and are considered for co- and extra-curricular implementation as well as for administrative decisionmaking. Team members: Jihan Codizar, Krishna Zabate, and Jearvy Lanohan.

Le Dolino
Le Dolino
Co-Chair of the AI, Digital Learning & Digital Transformation Working Group, UNESCO SDG4 Youth & Student Network

My research interests include the history, philosophy, and social studies of science education, and actual science education practice.