Low-cost Recovery of Bromelain Solids from Industrial Pineapple Peel, Pulp, and Core Wastes Using Ethanolic Cashew Leaf Polyphenol


Bromelain, a valuable protease present in all parts of the pineapple fruit, was previously shown to be separated from pineapple juice and protected by complexation with polyphenols. This study aimed to establish a simple, low-cost procedure for the collection of solids with bromelain using industrial pineapple waste and polyphenols extracted from cashew leaf. An alternative method was introduced that allows for solids that have higher protease activities from pineapple core and pulp to be obtained from pineapple extract compared to typical extraction and purification methods. Using this modified method, solids were obtained from pineapple waste with the following protease activities: 5343 CDU/g (core), 5147 CDU/g (peel), and 5732 CDU/g (pulp). Given the simplicity and low cost of the procedure, this method can be of benefit to smaller pineapple producers who could profit from obtaining an otherwise expensive material using their production’s waste.

In Philippine Journal of Science
Le Dolino
Le Dolino
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